Quick Facts

Quick Facts

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Last updated on February 11, 2021

Please note that some of these data are updated only upon the conclusion of a fiscal year or of an aid year or based upon submittal of an IPEDS report. The data here are the most recent data available for distribution.

11,760             Fall enrollment (Fall 2020 end of term)
16,715             12-Month unduplicated headcount (FY20)
10,684             12-Month FTE student enrollment (FY20)
15:1                 student-to-faculty ratio (Fall 2020)
46%                 taking online coursework (Fall 2020)

2,639               Degree conferrals (2019-20)
45%                 Six-Year Graduation rate (2014 cohort)
34%                 Six-Year Transfer-Out rate (2014 cohort)
71%                 Retention rate (2019 full-time cohort)
10.7                 est. work hours per week among freshmen
17.3                 est. work hours per week among seniors
73%                 est. Alumni employed six months after graduating
12%                 est. Alumni continuing education six months after graduating  

Financial Aid:
71%                 Undergraduates receiving fin aid (Fall 2020)
56%                 Undergraduates with a govt grant or scholarship (Fall 2020)
48%                 Undergraduate aid distribution is in loans (Fall 2020)
4.7%                Loan default rate (2020 for 2017 cohort)
28%                 Undergraduates with Pell Grant (Fall 2020)  

17%                 Graduate level
29%                 First generation undergrads
35%                 Ethnic minority
54%                 Female
2%                   Report a gender identity
1.4%                International 
19%                 Military affiliation

Fall Cohort (Fall 2020):
1305               first year cohort
1368               transfer cohort

Faculty & Staff (Fall 2020):
286                 tenured/tenure-track faculty
209                 senior instructors and instructors
46                   clinical or research faculty
304                 other faculty
767                 university or classified staff
1546               student faculty or student workers

$22,485           Revenue per FTE enrollment (IPEDS FY20)
$21,166           Expenses per FTE enrollment (IPEDS FY20)

Tuition (Fall 2020):
$5,044            Avg frosh/soph tuition charged
$5,254            Avg junior/senior tuition charged
$4,607            Avg graduate tuition charged