About the UCLA HERI & UCCS Surveys

In the 2021-2022 fiscal year, UCCS IR acquired funds from a diversity grant from our colleagues in the system and DEI offices. We proposed to administer two surveys managed by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). By joining forces with our partners, we are able to collect information about the workplace environment for staff and the learning environment for students and benchmark our results with other participating institutions. Learn more at https://heri.ucla.edu/. We intend to use the survey results to supplement and bolster efforts to investigate our campus culture, such as with the Campus Workplace and Culture Surveys and the National Survey of Student Engagement among other efforts.

Results (Forthcoming)

Diverse Learning Environments Survey

  • Institutional Profile Report: includes summary data broken out by demographics and statistics around themes such as mobility, push/pull influences, interaction with faculty, collaborative learning, and more. 
  • Factor Report: includes results on complex concepts such as sense of belonging, interpersonal validation, civic engagement, social agency, and so much more.
  • Executive Summary with data from one comparison group and provided in easy-to-read PowerPoint format.

Staff Climate Survey

  • Institutional Profile Report: summary data by demographics and comparison groups, including results from all institutions participating in the survey.
  • Executive Summary in an easy-to-read PowerPoint format.

Timelines & Response Rates

We opted to administer the Staff Climate Survey and the Diverse Learning Environments Survey in the spring semester of 2022. Preliminary results will be shared here after the surveys close (at the end of the spring semester) while we await official reports from UCLA/HERI in late summer. We also have access to immediate and preliminary results while the survey is underway (please email rmarschk@uccs.edu for assistance). 

Activity Staff Climate Survey Diverse Learning Environments Survey
Survey duration: March 14 - April 30, 2022 March 14 - May 1, 2022
People invited: 837 9159
Response rate as of 4/7/2022: 25% 3%