Faculty Course Questionnaires

Faculty Course Questionnaires

As of Fall 2019, UCCS began using EvaluationKit by Watermark to administer faculty and course questionnaires (FCQs). Throughout calendar year 2021, EvaluationKit will be renamed Course Evaluation & Surveys. Watch for this logo:

Course Evaluation & Surveys logo

     Public FCQ Reports (click here)     

  • Some additional public reports are in separate accounts prior to our consolidation: School of Public Affairs (Fall 2019), College of Engineering & Applied Sciences (Fall 2019), College of Business (Fall 2019-Fall 2020), and the College of Education (Fall 2019-Fall 2021). The public report links vary because four of six colleges began using EvaluationKit by Watermark to administer faculty/course questionnaires in the Fall of 2019. The four colleges are: School of Public Affairs (PAFF), College of Education (EDUC), College of Business (BUSN), and the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences (ENGR). The Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing & Health Sciences (JBEL) began in Summer 2020 and the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences (CLAS) began using EvaluationKit in Fall 2020. 
  • Public FCQ reports are posted here without responses to open-ended questions. Course sections with fewer than 4 respondents are excluded from public reports to protect student identities. 
  • Due to the pandemic-related disruption of teaching and learning, Spring 2020 FCQ results will not be posted publicly. Faculty and administrators will have access to the FCQ results within the software according to their security roles. As to the inclusion of FCQs in faculty reviews, individual faculty members should check with the faculty assembly and/or academic affairs leadership -- we expect the use of Spring 2020 FCQ results will be used in reviews at the discretion of individual faculty members.         

Link to Results Before Fall 2019

FCQs administered prior to our adoption of Watermark, especially prior to Fall 2019, were processed by CU-Boulder and are available online:

The online results date back to 2008. FCQs prior to 2008 might be available in the archives of the Kraemer Family Library at UCCS.

Relevant Policies

Accessing Internal Reports

  • Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys | EvaluationKit. Approximately two weeks after a course section ends, faculty and administrators may access detailed reports within Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKit) by following a link in a scheduled email notification. 
  • Watermark Faculty Success | Digital Measures. For our regular faculty who have accounts in Digital Measures, the detailed FCQ reports will be migrated from EvaluationKit into Digital Measures and will appear in the Scheduled Teaching area at the conclusion of a semester and also available via the "FCQ Report" that may be run within the program. Faculty may find useful this guide on How to Get FCQ Reports.


Per guidelines from the UCCS Faculty Assembly and FCQ Task Force, faculty course questionnaires will be administered during weeks 14 and 15 of regular 16-week courses. FCQs for short courses will be administered 7 days prior to and through the last day of the course.