Quick Facts

Quick Facts


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Additional Facts

14,894             12-Month Unduplicated headcount (FY23)
  9,522             12-Month FTE student enrollment (FY23)
 15:1                  Student-to-Faculty ratio (Fall 2023)
 66%                 taking at least one online course (FY23)

2,708               Degree Conferrals (FY23)
2,563               Degree Completers (FY23)
45%                 Overall Graduation rate
34%                 Overall Transfer-Out rate
67%                 Retention rate (2021 full-time cohort)
12.5                 est. work hours per week among freshmen
15.1                  est. work hours per week among seniors
82%                 surveyed alumni employed
39%                 surveyed alumni pursued advanced degree  

Financial Aid:
74%                 First-Time, Full-Time Undergraduates Receiving Non-Loan Financial Aid (Fall 2022)
54%                 Undergraduates with Grant or Scholarship Aid (Fall 2022)
35%                 Undergraduates Taking Federal Loans (Fall 2022)
1.4%                 Loan default rate (FY 2019)

Additional Demographics (Fall 2022):
23%                 First generation undergrads
28%                 Undergrads with Pell Grant
20%                 Military affiliation
9%                   Registered with disability services

Fall Cohort (Fall 2022):
1,551               first-year cohort
736                  transfer cohort

Faculty & Staff (Fall 2023):
804                Total Faculty
273                 Tenured / Tenure-Track Faculty
201                 Senior Instructors, Instructors, & Principal Instructors
36                   Clinical or Research Faculty
294                 Other Faculty
874                 University or Classified Staff
1,613               Student Faculty or Student Workers

Financial (IPEDS FY23):
$27,274           Revenue per FTE Enrollment
$27,185           Expenses per FTE Enrollment

Tuition (Fall 2023):
$5,398            Avg frosh/soph tuition charged
$6,285            Avg junior/senior tuition charged
$4,471            Avg graduate tuition charged

Please note that some of this data is updated only upon the conclusion of a fiscal year or of an aid year or based upon submittal of an IPEDS report. The data here are the most recent data available for distribution.

Last updated on February 13, 2024