Survey Committee

Survey Committee

The purpose of the Survey Committee is to improve the quality of campus surveys by (a) coordinating the scheduling of all surveys delivered to UCCS students, alumni, faculty, staff, and/or key stakeholders, (b) reviewing all surveys for compliance with existing policies and best practices, (c) providing support for survey research and design, and (d) expanding accessibility to and use of survey results.  Through a collaborative effort, we aim to reduce survey fatigue, improve response rates, avoid redundancies, provide resources and operational support, and enhance the overall use and applicability of survey results to advance the mission and strategic plan of the university. 

Submit a Survey Proposal

The Survey Committee will review proposals and provide feedback to colleagues who wish to administer a survey. The committee meets every month to review survey proposals, determine recommendations, and compile feedback to assist you. If you would like to administer a survey, follow these steps:

     1. Read the Survey Committee Charge 
     2. Complete the CU:FERPA Training Course 
     3. Complete the CITI IRB Training Course
     4. Submit your proposal by completing the Survey Proposal Form 
     5. A committee member will respond to you within 2-4 weeks.

Survey Committee members:

     Amanda Alee, Dean of Students
     Daniel Pape, Career Services
     Deborah O'Connor, Compliance
     Laura Emmott, Institutional Equity and Title IX 
     Eric Nissen, University Advancement/Marketing
     Grant Clayton, College of Education, Department of Teaching & Learning
     Jessi Smith, Research
     Joanna Bean, Alumni Relations
     Robyn Marschke, Institutional Research
     Stephen Cucchiara, Student Life
     Stephanie Hanenberg, Health & Wellness Center
     Jenny Russell, Institutional Research