Data Governance

Data Governance

A well-defined and communicated data governance structure and policy, with clearly established roles and responsibilities and a universally understood central repository for data definitions, standards, use and interpretation. Data governance defines processes, standards, and controls for data entry, use, and reporting to ensure efficient and effective operations. The purpose is to ensure institutional data are managed as university-wide assets to ensure efficient and effective operations and to facilitate reliable reporting, analytics, and decision support. Stay tuned for further details regarding CU Data Governance (currently underway). Below are helpful resources while the larger effort is underway:


  1. Glossary
  2. IPEDS Glossary
  3. SURDS Documentation

Integrity & Literacy

  1. CU-Data User Group
  2. External Reporting Policy #100-016
  3. FERPA resources
  4. CORA and Appendix A: Information Not Public by Law (guidelines for personnel records)
  5. U.S. Government Accountability Office Report on Consumer Protection (use of AI, algorithms, and predictive analytics)