Academic Programs

State Approved Degree & Certificate Granting Programs

Updated as of 3/24/2023.

     46   Baccalaureate Programs with 56 Degree Programs
     18   Educator Preparation Endorsement Programs
     34   Certificate Programs (see latest notification/approval form)
     23   Master's Programs
     8     Doctoral Programs

Please download our CROSSWALK as an Excel file with further details including UCCS plan codes, sequence codes, begin dates, online and STEM attributes, status of the program, and more. Our crosswalk is a helpful merger of UCCS codes and the CDHE/SURDS List of Approved Programs. Old disclosure information on gainful employment certificates prior to 2020 is archived here.

Explore academic programs below sorted according to the Classification of Instruction Programs (CIPs):


*The UCCS College of Education is authorized by the State of Colorado to offer the following endorsement areas for educator/teacher preparation, which upon completion, may be associated with further licensing opportunities offered by the State of Colorado:


Administrator (6.08)
Counselor, School (7.09)
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (4.22)
Early Childhood Education (4.01)
Early Childhood Special Education (5.09)
Elementary Education (4.02)
English Language Arts (4.09)
Gifted Talented Specialist (9.05)
Health (4.11) -- authorized but not offered
Mathematics (4.14)
Middle School Math (4.24) -- new in late 2019
Principal (3.03)
Reading Specialist (6.04)
Reading Teacher (6.03)
Science (4.17)
Social Studies (4.18)
Special Education, Director (6.05)
Special Education, Generalist (5.08)
World Language (4.10)